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Heartfelt consciousness

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The human heart contains a significant concentration of nervous tissue which regulates the timing of the heart’s rhythmic beating.

The human heart is also a metaphor for someone’s deepest essence, taking on dimensions of emotion, morality, and purpose.

Consciousness is a trait generally ascribed to the human brain …

Learning Devanagari

Filed in Linguistics

About two weeks ago, to my great surprise, I learned Devanagari.

After gaining an interest in the spiritual practices of India, I took to reading about the Devanagari script. Devanagari is used throughout the Indian subcontinent for writing many of its languages, including Hindi, Nepali, and Sanskrit.

While I was …

Setting up cgit on Apache

Filed in Computing

When it comes to Git hosting solutions, nothing beats the control and flexibility that comes with hosting Git on your own server and domain.

This guide will document how to create a personal self-hosted repository portfolio by installing and configuring cgit on top of an existing Apache installation. Many projects …